Earth Day spontaneously spent in unexpected & intimate way!

Personally discovering Nature’s remedies to replace pharma!

Center for Inside Awareness

This year I spent Earth Day in a quieter more profound way that I have in years. Earlier in the year a natural shift to connecting in Earth in a quieter more personal way, from the inside out began naturally.  As life with children shifted into adult relationships, nature is beckoning me back in unusual ways which means an unplanned sabbatical from the interactions of a new thought community leader and activist?  Or,  an evolution out beyond right and wrong thinking into a more direct connection.  Maybe?

  • One unusual way is the reincarnation cycle of veggies,  which I write about in Shifting food focus – love your veggies!   Imagine if we all re-harvested our veggies instead of throwing them into the trash how it would affect the planet and our future!

However this article is about coming down with the worst cold/flu over this years Earth Day Celebrations I have experienced…

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