Shifting food focus – love your veggies!

Exploring the continued life cycle of veggies! Veggies re-grow – don’t throw them out in the waste.

Inside Awareness

In earlier postings I discussed my personal home food  landscape change that instigated a natural change in my diet and increased a growing awareness of the emotional eating outbreak in my own family.  However another change that began naturally was a deeper interest in connection to the growing cycle of the produce I was consuming!  .

It first began with the base stalks of celery!  Could I encourage it to re-grow?  With curiosity I plunked it in water and sure enough it starting growing.  I have it planted in a box now with two more started.  Then came carrots.  Could they be regrown?  Sure enough they too are easy to restart.  My next experiment is with sweet potatoes and yams.  Can they be as easy to start as regular potatoes and from the ends usually thrown away as scraps?

What I didn’t realize would happen is the growing connection, appreciation…

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