Daisy: symbolizes ‘childhood, innocence and purity’


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Daisies can be used for sprains, bruises, aches and pains. Daisies are anti-inflammatory, a wound-healer, and reduce pain.  An effective application for healing wounds and serving as compresses, encourage exceptional repair in skin tissue. Their  extract provides antiseptic properties that can remove bacteria from the surface of the skin, keeping it healthy.  They were once used to treat grey hair and return it to its original colour.

Oil made with the flower can be used to brighten skin and prevent hyperpigmentation.  It  has organic acids that are valuable for lightening and exfoliating properties.  It is an effective, powerful alternative to Hydroquinone and Kojic Acid.  It is safe for most sensitive skin types, including pregnant women.

Pic courtesy of Renee Lindstrom26,000 seeds per plant

Associated with:  Solar Plexus and Sacral  Chakra’s


Oil of Daisy


  • Daisies
  • Olive Oil
  • Jar
  • Love & Patience
  1.  Gather Daisy flower tops – to fill your jar
  2.  Rinse lightly or sit out to let critters escape
  3. Cover with olive oil  plus some as flowers will absorb oil and you want to make sure they stay covered!
  4. Put in cool place to infuse for up to 6 weeks.
  5. Turn jar each day.
  6. After infused, filter oil with strainer and cheese cloth.
  7. Re-bottle oil.

Use oil as is for first aid or massage, or as an ingredient for salves!

Oil of Daisy Salve

Making an oil based salve with daisies requires two steps if you are using what’s in your own backyard!

  1. Make a daisy infused oil.
  2. Once oil is infused, turn it into a salve.

Salve ingredients:

  • 4 parts Daisy oil to
  • 1 part Beeswax
  • Any other infused oils or essential oils you may wish to add to your recipe.


  • Double Boiler
  • Wooden/Plastic Spoon

Remember if you are adding other infused oils, adjust 4 to 1 combination of the daisy oil.

If you are adding essential oil – add 10 drops after oil and wax is combined,  just before you are read to pour.

  1.  Gently melt beeswax while combining the oil.
  2.  Stir until completely melted.
  3.  Pour into clean pots, and let them cool.
  4.  Once cool, cover tightly.

Good for a year or more

Remember when making salve you can check the consistency of finished product.  Pour small amount and put into the freezer.  After 2 mins take out and see if it is the desired soft/hardness.  to increase softness add more oil, to increase hardness add more beeswax!

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