Sprouting Flax Seeds

by Renee Lindstrom, GCFP
Pic courtesy of Renee Lindstrom

Pic Courtesy of Renee Lindstrom

Flax seed must be ground or sprouted to receive any benefits because our system cannot digest them whole. They are eliminated whole if eaten whole.  Sprouting is the best way to get the greatest benefits as soaking and sprouting eliminates phytic acid that may increase mineral absorption.

If you are like me, the sprouts are eaten in the morning after their first rinse.  I am stimulated by the sprouts and unable to resist eating them immediately!  Fortunately we grow them for personal use only!  Flax seed sprouts have an unusual taste that I am pretty sure it is an acquired one!  For this reason I have experimented  with mixing in other seeds that have the same quick sprouting time.  Currently I am trying alfalfa.  Alfalfa has a stronger flavor and mixed together with the flax it makes eating them more pleasant.

Flax and Alfalfa seeds practically sprout  the day after soaking them overnight!  They are ready to start eating within 3 days.

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How to sprout

  • soak seeds overnight
  • place on tray with holes to drain water (or in jar covered with cheesecloth)
  • rinse seeds each day at least once with fresh water

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