Medicine Wheel Garden Design Integrating the Seasons

©2017 Renee Lindstrom, GCFP

Medicine-Wheel- Calendar

Each quadrant of the North American Aboriginal Medicine Wheel reflects a cardinal direction and time of year.  In an earlier post I introduced a Personal Healing Garden design in the shape of a Medicine Wheel.

Following this plan in your own Healing Garden integration can begin with the laying of the cardinal directions as suggested in the original post.  To deepen the connection and further integrate its symbology, one could consider the four seasons and align them with the plants you choose for these quadrants!  As example could be to plant feature plants that would come into bloom or fruit during that season.  In spring it could be your early bloomers, in summer you veggies, in fall your harvesting plants and in winter your winter garden.

The purpose of a Personal Healing Garden is to enjoy and have fun with what you create.  This garden reflects deepening your connection to nature, and life force.  This includes creativity, adventure and beauty.

My personal recommendation is to not overwhelm yourself to get instant results.  I would suggest taking your time to consider plants that you want to integrate into your daily lifestyle.   Eliminating the over processing of your fruits, veggies and teas by growing your own can give you a new way of health and wellness.  It can help you cut your appetite  by providing you with a more balanced infusion of minerals and vitamins that are easier for you to absorb.   I have found that using garden plants as a source of food and drinking flavoured teas and water that  it has support a healthier lifestyle change that weight loss was an outcome.  It wasn’t the focus it was a result.

Berries, Edible Flowers, Garden Plants, Trees, Veggies & Weeds for your Healing Garden

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