March 18th & Already a Back Yard Salad

by Renee Lindstrom, GCFP

In Mid-March buds, leaves and flowers began emerging on the plants in our community. On March 17th some back yard weeds and flowers were added to the salad and by March 18th it was a “back yard salad!”    During the fall and winter you forget the taste of all the fresh differences in using many leaves, herbs and flowers.  There was only one dandelion flower to pick among many weeks bursting through.

On March 19th there was a realization that a forager could begin eating fresh backyard veggies, weeds and flowers for the next few seasons!  As the season age the contents of the backyard salad would change as flowers, weeds and veggies come and go! In the picture above on the 20th ingredients where picked between clients to sit in water until later break! You can see more was added overnight.

Along with the 30 day Turmeric and Black Pepper Challenge,  another one has been made.  The challenge is to continue into Spring and Summer eating only back yard and foraged veggies, leaves, weeds, roots and flowers!   Today will be Day 2!

Read growing list of what’s growing in the backyard!

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