Forsythia, English Daisy & Dandelion Flower Infused Oils!

by Renee Lindstrom, GCFP

2017-04-11 22.17.50

Flower Infused Oil

As the flowers come into bloom it’s time to begin setting them into a carrier oil to infuse for later use.  In the above three jars I have used olive oil as a carrier oil. Recycled jars were filled 3/4 full with fresh flowers and topped with olive oil. Oil was poured to cover the flower ingredients with more added to ensure they were completely covered.

For ease and a slow infusion, these jars will sit for six weeks before the oil will be filtered and poured into clean jars.  Each day the jars will be turned to jostle the ingredients.  This slow process brings a consistent focus and appreciation to the process of infusing the flowers and oil which I believe creates a connection and strengthens the healing properties.  This oil will have been sourced from the landscape I am close to and call home and using the oil will have a connection to being a product I have created with an experience of appreciation.  An individualized remedy.


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