Looking for ‘love?’ A unique way to draw it toward you!

by Renee Lindstrom, GCFP

Rosemary Love Doll Pattern

In a previous post I posted a picture of a personalized Gift Box . Now I would like to show you another unique way rosemary has been used to draw something you may have been longing for toward you – love! This rosemary Love Doll will be added to this gift box!

Rosemary Love Doll filling

As this ‘Love Doll’ is a giving gift and will be completed by the person it is intended for, it has been partially filled with rice (another agent that can be used as an intention for drawing in a love relationship).  In the picture below you will see a package of rosemary.  This is will stuffed into the doll by the person who is receiving this gift.

Love Doll Drawing Agent

Are you longing for love and interested is setting a unique intention to draw it towards you?  If so, create a doll that reflects you.  Yes, a doll that is you drawing a quality towards you.  Filling it with rosemary is the unique intention and used over history for this purpose.  You are tapping into a tradition pasted down over time.

However you must remember to have clarity about what it is you are asking for! Consider the type of person you would like to be in relationship with and the qualities that will be your relationship.

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