Influencing water with words for 7 Chakra Wheels

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In Living Waters: Drinking ‘Sun Charged’ Water I mention energizing water that was reflected in the work of Dr. Emoto and his experiments.  Dr. Emoto, author of Messages of Water, used different influences to reflect changes in the water through the study of differing crystal shapes that was created when water was exposed to words, sounds and thoughts.

Another way to energize your chakra centers is by influencing your water with any of the following affirmations.  Writing these affirmations on paper and attaching them to your glass water bottle, container or glass for a few hours will allow the water to infuse the sentiment.


Crown Chakra:

  • I am Peace

Brow Chakra:

  • I am Calm, I can solve my problems.

Throat Chakra:  

  • I can express myself freely.

Heart Chakra:  

  • I am loving, I am loved.

Solar Plexus:  

  • I am organized, I can accomplish my dreams.

Sacral Chakra: 

  • I constantly have new ideas to create the life I want.

Root Chakra:  

  • I am confident, I am full of energy.

If you enjoy enriching and inspirational sounds and music, this is another way to enhance your water!  Try sounds from singing bowls, flutes, chants and bells.


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