Grow Kiwi from your own fruit bowl

by Renee Lindstrom, GCFP – Living in Natures Love

Do you enjoy kiwi fruit?  How about this amazing flower?

Kiwi Flower

Try growing your own!  It takes a few years before you would start see fruit form on your vine, however, the flowers begin in the first year.  The only consideration is that this plant grows as a vine, not a bush or tree.  It can get a strong tree like stalk over 10 or more years, yet the branches become the vines that can stretch over 10 feet long.  In Oak Bay several years ago we had tried to transplant 10-year-old tree stalks yet they did not develop a strong root system to thrive.

I am excited to be growing Kiwi from seed!  I am a proponent of learning more about the food I consume to develop a relationship with it.

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Kiwi from the Pantry

The steps to germinating Kiwi seeds are simple.

Step #1


The seeds directly from the fruit are coated with a gel like substance that stops them from sprouting.  I tried blending a few spoons of gel and seeds in a hand blender and found it easier just to leave them to soak in water overnight.  It was more effective.

Kiwi Seedlings

Step #2

Setting seeds in moist napkin to germinate.  I began this project in late November during our cooler season.  It took the seeds a month to germinate.


Step #3

When just long enough to grab onto transplant the spindly seedlings into a small container of soil to become more hardy.  I used a recycled container with a top to act as a small greenhouse.

That’s it!  It only takes time, a kiwi, recycled container, knife, spoon, a bit of soil and patience to start.  Later more emphasis will be on transplanting, soil, sun and water conditions.  In our area of the world Kiwi has become a crop meaning this fruit can stand our Greater Victoria winters.  However in the Greater Victoria communities the weather is not uniformly the same.  In my experience each area can experience a 5 to 10 degree difference.

Let the Kiwi adventure begin!

Read more on growing Kiwi in small spaces written by Author living in Washington State:

Vertical Vegetables & Fruit: Creative Gardening Techniques for Growing Up in Small Spaces Paperback– Nov 16 2011 by Rhonda Massingham Hart (Author)