Native Pacific Northwest Bleeding Heart

by Renee Lindstrom, GCFP – Living in Natures Love Lifestyles

Not Edible Dye


Bleeding Heart

Native Pacific Northwest Bleeding Hearts (Dicentra formosa)

  • Symbolizes:   compassion for the suffering of others, romantic love
  • Uses: tonic alterative (restores the proper function of the body and increase health & vitality),  pain relief
  • Parts used: root , leaf, flowers
  • Preparation:  root & herb tincture; flower essence
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Health & Wellness

This native herb has been described as a tonic for nerve pain, imbalances and strengthening  for weakened constitutions such as fibromyalgia and RSDS, .  It can also be used in a poultice for sprains, bruises, and wounds for pain.  It was used as a toothache remedy by early Aboriginal Peoples.  If applied to a cotton ball and put by the aching tooth the tincture relieves the pain deep down into the tooth.  It is helpful for fear and anxiety, shock, grief or stress and building appetite.  It can be used for early onset depression.

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