Growing Oyster Mushrooms

by Renee Lindstrom, GCFP–Living in Natures Love Lifestyles


Buying some Oyster Mushrooms from the grocery as an experiment to find spores under their caps to grow new mushrooms wasn’t as successful as some of the other types of mushrooms bought for the same purpose.  The caps on Oyster Mushrooms are quite delicate and the ones on the shelf seemed to be torn and bruised.  Some of the stems had more fruiting growth on their butt ends than others so I cut these ends off to experiment with.  I put these ends into  a coffee and cardboard substrate.  I also used a few as plugs in a stump to see what would happen.  I had read an article some time ago that suggested these two ideas may work.  The experiment has begun!

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Coffee and Cardboard substrate:

  • Cut up wet cardboard
    • soak in water overnight
  • Knife and scissors
    • sterilize with alcohol or peroxide
  • Container (recycled plastic or milk cartons)
    • sterilize with alcohol or peroxide
    • cut hole in bottom and larger ones in sides (potentially for mushrooms to grow through)
  • Freshly used coffee grounds
  1. Soak pieces of cardboard in water overnight
  2. Place layers of cardboard and coffee into the container

For the experiment above when reaching the top of the container the butt end was put in and the substrate layered around it until it could stand on its own.  Similar to transplanting a plant.  This isn’t guaranteed to grow from the butt end.  It is an experiment to observe whether it will or not!

For guaranteed results growing Oyster Mushrooms I recommend:

  • Growing Kits
  1. Blue Oyster – Pleurotus Ostraetus Columbinus – Home Growing Kit
    • Spawn in medium
  2. Fungaea Oyster Mushroom “Shroom Box”
    • Grow Fresh Gourmet Mushrooms At Home
  3. White Oyster Mushroom Mycelium Plug Spawn
    • 100 Count
  4. Black Oyster Mushroom Mycelium Liquid Culture – Pleurotus ostreatus
    • Needle included