Coffee: unexpected exfoliant & skin hydrating

by Renee Lindstrom, GCFP–Living in Natures Love Lifestyles

I noticed my hands feeling much softer and hydrated after creating substrate for growing mushrooms with coffee recently.

Dark Roast Coffee

I had forgotten to put on gloves and found my fingers and fingernails covered in used coffee grounds.  As I was rubbing my hands under water to rinse them I could not believe the wonderful feeling in my hands. I made  a mental note to try this out in the shower to explore it as a skin exfoliant scrub.

It did turn out to be great on my skin, yet messy in the shower.  Maybe better in the bath!  It was an easy clean up though.  Would I recommend it?  Yes!  However, I drink a dark blend of coffee which I probably would not recommend as it darkened my skin temporarily.  It may be best to use a medium roast.

. . .


I will make the most of using coffee grounds as an exfoliant as long as the coffee grounds I use holds out.  I was frustrated when the manufacturer (#Starbucks) decided to drop this blend some time back.  Since then I have made the decision to stop drinking coffee when I couldn’t get this blend of French Roast anymore.  A Starbucks Coffee blend.

I have a room-mate that works for Starbucks and have been told that his store  received 30 or more complaints a day from people specifically about the French Roast not being available.  Over the years my daughter and other students staying with me have worked at Starbucks and we have tested other coffee blends.  For me they do not compare to the French Roast.

I recognize I have stopped going down the coffee aisle and that my walking pattern has changed in the grocer now!

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