What you eat directs what your diet

by Renee Lindstrom, GCFP–Living in Natures Love Lifestyles insideawareness.com

After a short time of eating home-made yogurt with only two ingredients; milk and yogurt from a previous batch, it has become even more evident, WHAT YOU EAT DETERMINES WHAT YOU WILL EAT IN THE FUTURE.

I have always loved pizza and it is something that I enjoy sharing with my kid.  Regardless of what diet I have been on the exception has always been pizza night.  The first slice was never enough and always  led to more slices.

Imagine my son going to get pizza and I genuinely have no interest mentally, emotionally or physically.  My mind isn’t telling me a story about how much I love pizza, my gut isn’t craving it and I recognize there is no motivation, attachment or inspiration in sharing, not even a bite.  The box was set on the kitchen counter and it was still as uninteresting as someone driving by.  I asked myself what has changed?  The only recent change is that I have added home-made yogurt to my diet .

Wow, as soon as I added home-made yogurt the last-minute trips to the grocer for quick foods stopped, eating bread stopped and now this non-attachment to pizza.  The most powerful aspect of this change is that it didn’t come from a thought or resistance.  I wasn’t aware that these changes were happening until I noticed they weren’t.

I am not a scientist nor am I seeking to read a study or do a study on this.  I take my experience as my truth.  The small changes in my diet are changing my physical, mental and emotional functions.  I believe it’s changing my brain function as well!

I am coming away believing that there is something in my diet that is now satisfying my functional needs that previously had been a missing link.  Whether a gut interaction or brain food, or both, I am not aware of exactly which.  What I am aware of is the outcome of it.  Food determines our function physical, emotional and brain functions.

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