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Symbolizes the element:  Earth

Nurtures: brings a profound sense of inner peace, calm and stillness

Represents:  Inner peace, calm & stillness

  • Associated with:  Heart/Upper Heart (affects all Chakras from Third Eye down to Sacral)
  • Uses:   balancing and aligning, connects the chakras, stimulating flow of energy, clearing, cleansing, in Meditation Talc deepens meditative state
  • Ways to use: Clearing Chakras, Healing Placements, Meditation, Gemstone Essence, Gemstone Pouch, Sacred Geometry Placements, Feng Shui Placement

The Talc pictured above is a Canadian nonmetallic mineral sample that is used industrially for making paints and talcum powders.  There are other ways of using this mineral that is found in metamorphic deposits.

Holding this mineral in ones hand is comfortable and over time becomes soothing.  Talc has platelets described as leaves.  When these leaves are held horizontal to the body it creates a calming effect that spreads throughout the body.  When these leaves are held vertically it begins to clear and align the chakras.  When held while in Meditation, one can experience a deepened state of connection and stillness.  The peace and calm created by this mineral can also be beneficial to deepened sleep patterns.

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