Save time & money by making yogurt, cream cheese, cottage cheese & kefir & whey on 1-4 litres of milk

by Renee Lindstrom, GCFP–Living in Natures Love Lifestyles


Fermenting Kefir Grains & Milk


One 4 liter container of milk now costs just under $5.00 before taxes here in #yyj’s Greater Victoria Region.  With this 4 liters I have cultured yogurt, separating the yogurt and whey creating cream cheese, adding home-made apple cider vinegar creating cottage cheese and fermenting Kefir grains creating kefir.  At the store yogurt, cream cheese and cottage cheese prices start at $4.00 to $5.00 while Kefir and whey is more!  For $5.00 plus tax I am able to make over $20.00 worth of dairy and whey products

I see many bakery items being donated to local food banks and wonder if foods that improve health and well-being are also being donated.  Foods considered perishable can make a larger impact in the mental, emotional and physical health of those needs assistance.

I wonder too if there are programs for the low-income citizens to learn how to easily create their own products using simple recipes to be more cost effectively.  Are recipes included in the groceries being handed out to stretch food and dollars further?  It’s healthier with no additives and fresher with a higher nutritional impact and no added equipment costs.  It can be done with existing kitchen utensils like pots, jars, bowls, strainers, cotton, cheesecloth or coffee filters.

Read simple recipes to stretch your dollars and experience a higher impact of nutritional value:

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