Solomon’s Seal (Polygonatum biflorum)

EdibleMortartea kettle

Solomons Seal

Also known as:  Dropberry,  Lady’s Seals,  Sealroot, Sealwort,  Solomon Seal, St. Mary’s Seal

Uses: Anti-inflammatory, Blood Pressure, Boils & Rashes, Bone Injuries, Bruises, Culinary, Digestive, Expectorant,  Insect Bites, Medicinal, Muscular-Skeletal support, Pain Relief, Piles, Tumours

Parts used:  Flowers, roots/rhizomes & new shoots *Berries are poisonous

Preparation: creams, Flower Essences, Herbal Tea, New shoots boiled like Asparagus, Poultice, Salve, Sleep Aid, Spray, Tincture, Topical Skin & Cosmetic Products

  • Symbolizes:  Protection
  • Associated with:  Brow Chakra
  • Element:  Earth
  • Governed by:  Saturn


Considered one of the top 10 healing plants in Asia
& of great value by early North Americans & Europeans

As a cosmetic Culpepper says:

‘the diluted water of the whole plant used to the face or other parts of the skin, cleanses it from freckles, spots or any marks whatever, leaving the place fresh, fair and lovely, for which purpose it is much used by the Italian ladies and is the principal ingredient of most of the cosmetics and beauty washes advertised by perfumers at high price.’


Solomon’s Seal Roots are used in treating a variety of ailments.  Some ways they have been used are:

  • blood cleanser
  • blood pressure
  • restoring damaged cartilage and connecting tissue.
  • easing inflammation, bruising, wounds and skin irritations.
  • healing bone injuries (broken, stressed) and associated connective tissues
  • increasing synovial fluid to reduce grinding in joints.
  • toning tendons, ligaments, joints and attachments associated with repetitive stress, injury and inflammation.
  • upset stomach
  • loosening mucous in lungs
  • pain relief
  • reproductive health
  • sleeping aid

Bones, Ligaments, Muscles, Soft Tissue, Synovial fluid

Solomon Seal can support healing of acute trauma to the body’s muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones, joints and cartilage. It encourages tightening or loosening of muscles, ligaments, and tendons as needed; helping damaged tissues return to their original states; creating a balance that can correct old injuries and help prevent new ones; and helping the body produce more or better quality synovial fluid so that joints have less friction. It has been used to support recovery from surgery.


Solomon’s Seal can support increased mental clarity, concentration, and sleep.

Heart & Blood

Solomon’s Seal has been used to lower blood pressure and clean blood.  It also lowers blood sugar.


Solomon’s Seal supports relief from pain.


Solomon’s Seal helps to clear congestion and loosen mucous in the lungs and soothe throat irritation.


Solomon’s Seal can be used as a poultice on boils, skin irritations and bruising.

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