Chanting Chakra Mono Syllables while Sound Bathing with Singing Bowls

by Renee Lindstrom, GCFP–Living in Natures Love Lifestyles

It wasn’t long after getting comfortable playing the crystal singing bowls before there was an inner urge to chant along with the sound vibrations. I remembered listening to a movement pattern presentation by a renowned Feldenkrais® Trainer, Ruthy Alon, and her suggestions to make a sound vibration while doing a particular mythemic pattern of movement. The purpose was to increase the inner vibrations of the movement and combine the two. I acted on this inner urge and began learning the mono ​s​yllables of each Chakra.

Yes your voice creates a sound vibrations from the inside out.

Yes a micro-movement pattern creates a vibration through the bones of your skeleton.

chakras 06
mono ​s​yllables of the chakras

As suggested in an article written in 2018, Chanting sounds & symbols for each of the 7 Chakra Energy Centers, these mono syllables can be used to clear the blocked chakra energy centers.

When playing the bowls to clear physical, mental an emotional bodies, I synchronize the sound of each bowl separately with the corresponding chakra chant. I repeat this pattern 9 times for each bowl as suggested in 2018’s article, Chanting sounds for each of the 7 Chakra Energy Centers.

Sound Bathing for self connection

Some of effects of playing and chanting that I am noticing is a deeper connection to the sound of my own voice tones. I have discovered that there is a surface voice tone that I can describe as reactive and reflective of the emotions of flight, fright and fear. Chanting and sound bathing is encouraging a sound from underneath of what I will call a fighty surface reactive voice to a deeper, grounded and connected inside my body. This deeper tone I experience vibrating from a different place in my body that has the effect of being more connected and confident from inside. Having these two separate responses to my own voice I can now recognize the vibration of my voice that reflects flight, fright and freeze. It’s vibration is a vibration on the surface of my body which stimulates a rush of feelings of doubt, fear and frustration. This recognition of the two experiences gives me a choice of where I want the tone to to come from. These choices are from the reactive and disconnected voice or a deeper connected voice. The other great thing is that I can change my voice when I become aware of it.

For more on spoken word sounds and the effects of these to levels of inner sound vibrations go to Sound Bathing & waking up to spoken word Influences

Renee Recommends

Recently on the news they headlined a little newsclip on what to do for health and wellness in these turbulent times. The guest being interviewed suggested three things to support staying connected to a feeling of inner harmony. These were; meditation, small movements and sound therapy. I smiled in agreement.

My suggestion for exploring activities that ignited inner awareness for balance starts with understanding where attention goes energy flows. For me, this means learning to pause to check in to become aware of the experience so there is a choice to change it. Something I learned from Dr. Marshall Rosenberg is that there is no unseen higher authority holding one hostage to their circumstances.

Some suggestions for exploring self-connection and balance are:

  • Awareness through Micro-movements
  • Awareness through Communication
  • Awareness through Eating
  • Awareness through Goals
  • Awareness through Meditation
    • Sound Bathing
  • Awareness through Nature
  • Awareness through Space

Learn more on these ways for increasing self-connection and balance

Integrate a Chakra Lifestyle:  

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