Sound Bathing & waking up to spoken word Influences

by Renee Lindstrom, GCFP–Living in Natures Love Lifestyles

Influence of spoken words and thoughts

In earlier articles, Influencing healthy brain function with Crystal Singing Bowls and sound bathing, I share the influence of playing crystal singing bowls and how I experience it wake up inner sensations and responses to the harmonics in the sound. I compare the new sound responses to my old, familiar and dulled down responses to old sounds. These crystal singing bowl sound baths have heightened somatic clarity on how spoken word and silent trains of thought stimulate the brain in a similar way. The sound of these crystal bowls is heightening my somatic sense to reactive response closer to the root source or stimulus. Waking to the response has me notice how my body responses to the words we speak and to the silent voices inside our head.

A growing connection to how the body responds to hearing spoken words and listening to thoughts

I have made the personal discovery that whether I am listening to the high and clear harmonies of the bowls or to spoken words inside my head, they’re environmental influences stimulating my brain. This brain stimulation will correspond with reactions mentally, emotionally or physically. I have taught and mentored a language of empathy for two decades and one principal is demonstrating how words and voice tones can influence physical, mental and emotions reactions. This new connection to crystal bowl harmonics has given a new meaning to this old teaching point. The words don’t even have to be spoken out loud to have influence! There doesn’t even need to be any true facts in what is being said or thought about.

Have you ever noticed how you may be influenced by words and how they vibrate through you somatically?

Society is in transition into an unknown future. There are many comments of getting back to normal after this current pandemic and what the speakers are not aware of is that there is a new normal. There isn’t any going back to what was. Why? New habits and expectations have been created. New habits appear after doing something differently for three or four repetitions and the pandemic shut the world down for 18 months. New habits have already been created. The shift has already begun. Lets factor in the natural world phenomenons that began even before the pandemic. The massive fires , flooding, droughts and wind storms. Another influence to consider is the awakening consciousness in relationships involving sexual orientation, colour, status, age, etc.

Renee’s recommendation


My recommendation is for each individual to find their connection to ways for increasing clarity and inner calm. By ways, I mean actions to reduce the clutter of words, thoughts and storytelling to provide oneself with a clearer mental environment for creating calm and inner quiet for increasing mindfulness. Why? This will increase one’s level of tolerance and ability to cope with the activity around them. The reduced level of stress will enhance decision making abilities and be healthier mentally, emotionally and physically.

Playing Crystal Singing Bowls has brought me to a connection of clarity, peace and deeper understanding. Other ways I have engaged in this pursuit prior to playing these bowls where through the activities of:

  • Awareness through Micro-movements
  • Awareness through Spoken Word
  • Awareness through Eating
  • Awareness through Goals
  • Awareness through Meditation
    • Sound Bathing
  • Awareness through Nature
  • Awareness through Space

Influencing Health Brain Function with Crystal Singing Bowls

Integrate a Chakra Lifestyle:  

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