Wildflower Essences from Southern Alberta (#yyc’s) in August

by Renee Lindstrom, GCFP–Living in Natures Love Lifestyles insideawareness.com

Time was shorter than I hoped  to pick some wildflowers to infuse into flower essences from the Farm meadows in the Eastern Slopes of Southern Alberta (#yyc’s).  We had traveled to offer a Women’s Retreat and I had a desire to create from the land while present there.

On walks before our offering I noticed many gorgeous wildflowers blooming that would have potential for medicines and essences.  I have added a link for those interested in the wildflowers of this region below.  In the following picture are some of the flowers picked for the center of the labyrinth that was built facing the Rocky Mountains located between B.C. and Alberta (the great divide).

On the open meadows of the farm cattle roamed.  Mom’s and their babies curious at first of our arrival and comings and going.  As I built the labyrinth they appeared over the rise and hung their heads over the fence to observe what I was doing.  For a few days walking the labyrinth they would come by to observe us with curiosity and then showed up to watch our Feldenkrais Awareness through Movement sessions outdoors!  It was fun to look up and see a row of cattle squeezed together to get a better view of us.  We happened to be inside the fence and they the onlookers!


Cattle at the Farm

PDF – Common Coulee Plants of Alberta