Floriography – Simplicity – Language of the Flowers

Symbolizes:  Metal, Earth, Wood & Fire –

Nurtures:  Bees, Butterfly’s, Hummingbirds,  and Humans (Carefree and light-heartedness influence)

Represents:  Playfulness, Freedom, Light-heartedness, Strength & Fun

This is the plant that will visually connect one to their child like nature.  The child that was rough, tumble and carefree.  It will increase spontaneity in a simple and carefree way.


Representation in three of the 9 life areas:

  • Financial – strong, simple & willing to gamble
  • Fame – not to serious in social situations, fun-loving
  • Relationship – care free and easy-going in relationships

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 Companion Mineral



  • Warmth, Joy, Spring Time


Copyright 2014 – Living in Nature’s Love by Renee Lindstrom, GCFP,
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