Awareness through Movement® for the 3rd Chakra

by Renee Lindstrom, GCFP – Living in Natures Love Lifestyles

Solar Plexus

Located along the sternum in the area of the diaphragm between heart and belly button,  the Solar Plexus is associated with the liver, spleen, stomach and small intestine.

It is associated with new horizons, intellect, will-power, self-confidence and  fulfillment.

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The guided patterns Awareness through Movement® lessons can increase counter balance and improve the economy of movement.  The Solar Plexus is in the middle region of the torso and spine almost midway between the shoulders and pelvis.  This is the point of balancing the rocking the pelvis and shoulders and center point when rotating them in opposite directions!   This area can sometimes be locked tight which increased the tough and tight qualities of stuck tissue and inflamed muscles.  Movement, balance coördination and breathing can all be difficult.

Like diet the emotional grouping in the picture beside can be eased by Awareness through Movement® Lessons that focus on increasing flexibility and rotation through the torso, spine, ribs while releasing the held patterns of the lower and upper back, shoulders, arms and neck.  






Try this example experience of 11 steps to get in touch with your somatic awareness capabilities:

  1. Begin in a sitting position on firm chair.  Sit towards front of chair to free back, shoulders and pelvis.  Place hands on hips with feet flat on the floor, hip width apart.
  2. In this position begin to rock your pelvis forward and back once or twice to notice how you create this movement.  Check in to notice if you become confused at the instruction, rock your pelvis forward and back, and then the strategy of how you facilitate this action.
  3. Pause for a few breaths and then on the 3rd or 4th breath inward lift up off your diaphragm.  Synchronize the lifting with the breath inward.  As soon as you stop taking air in let yourself drop down on your diaphragm. Repeat this pattern 5 or 6 times while noticing the quality of your movement.  Can you soften it and create a more graceful action.
  4. Stop and rest creating a space between guided movement patterns.
  5. When coming back into the original sitting position begin to focus on your exhalation.  Now as you exhale drop down on your diaphragm.  Sync these movement patterns of when you exhale – drop down.  As soon as you finish exhaling come back to the starting position as you inhale.  Don’t lift up on your diaphragm, keep your focus on the one pattern of dropping down.
  6. Repeat this pattern 5 or 6 times once again creating a gentle movement to increase the quality and gracefulness of the movement action.
  7. Rest for a number of breaths.
  8. Come back now and alternate between breathing inward and lifting off your diaphragm with exhaling and dropping down onto your diaphragm.  Notice if your pelvis is a part of this movement.   What is happening with your pelvis as you breathe in and lift up?  Is it tilting in a direction or staying in place?  How about when you exhale and drop down, is it tilting in a different direction?  If not, can you release your holding pattern and allow a natural and supported flow of movement that includes your pelvis.
  9. Continue this movement pattern a number of times.  As you do begin to notice when you sense becoming long in the front and when you become short.
  10. Rest and notice where your attention goes for a few breaths.
  11. Come back into this last pattern of movement of lifting and dropping off your diaphragm as you breath in and out while letting your pelvis follow.  As you become longer and shorter in the front notice how your shoulders and head are participating.  Have you unlocked your shoulders, spine and neck to create a natural rhythm of counter balance?  Now when you inhale lifting up and lengthening your front naturally do you have a sense of becoming taller?  As you exhale and drop down onto your pelvis let your head and shoulders tilt forward in sync with your drop and pelvis going back.  Begin to counter balance these movement.

This is a small example of waking up to conscious awareness through movement that is available when you explore the Feldenkrais® Method of Somatic experiencing.  Recruiting more movement through the action of counterbalancing your rib cage and pelvis, and in rotation can be like an acupuncture treatment.  All the muscles along the spine between each vertebra is encouraged to safely begin to soften and tonify.

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