‘Sun & colour charged water & your Chakras!

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Nature is colour, the entire spectrum of colour comes from sunlight

I have chosen to use coloured bottles to charge water in the sun for two reasons.  One is to add a colour lift to my day and the second is to balance my chakra energy centers.   I remember studying how colors influence on our thoughts, moods and behaviors  by stimulating the pituitary and pineal glands in school. For example, we learned that red stimulates the sympathetic nervous system, while white and blue color stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system.  The energy vibration of color is used to enhance and balance our physical, emotional and spiritual state.  Colour is energy and each cell in our body requires this energy to stay vital.

Colours vibrates at different frequency rate that compliment our energy centers or  chakras.  Candace Pert, Ph.D, a medical researcher found that areas in the body that are particularly rich in neuropeptides correspond to the location of the seven chakra centers. Neuropeptides are natural healing chemicals.

Rainbow Colour Therapy is based on the positive effects of using colour on the complimentary Chakra energy center for therapeutic purposes to balance the body’s healing powers.  Susceptibility to disease conditions increases if the chakras are not balanced or are blocked.  Using specific colour rays can be absorbed by the chakra centers and restore its vitality.

The word chakra is derived from the Sanskrit word meaning “wheel”. In both Buddhism and Hinduism the chakras are represented by colourful wheels along the spine from the base to the top of the head.  The size and brightness of the wheels relate to an individuals development, physical condition, disease, stress and energy levels.  The chakra wheel colours are violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red.

Colour energized solar water

You can drink or inhale colours according to ancient Indian scripture. It is an age-old therapy, codified in the Atharva Veda as Surya Kiran Chikitsaâ, healing with the sun’s rays.

Coloured Water Bottles and Complimentary Chakra

The different coloured bottles reflect the crown, eye, voice, heart, solar plexus, belly and root chakras.

In his book Surya Chikitsa, Dr M.L. Kathotia notes that colors can resolve your past karma. The seven chakras of our body are centers of different karma, and the negative karma can be taken care of by proper color visualization.

Violet Bottled Water – Top of the Head (Thought)

The Crown Chakra governs the brain and pineal gland which secretes melatonin.  When out of balance one may experience loneliness, depression, anxiety, confusion and apathy.  Violet is associated with spirituality, loyalty, the divine and love.  The use of the violet colour can be calming and support better sleep patterns.

Indigo Bottled Water – Center of Forehead just above eyebrows  (Light)

Brow Chakra governs the eyes, sinuses and pituitary gland.  When out of balance one may experience  indecisiveness, confusion, nightmares, poor insight.  Indigo relation to the intellect, courage, authority and calmness.  It is also is associated with spirituality, loyalty, the divine and love.  It increases insight and supports heightened intuitiveness.

Blue Bottle Water – Voice Box area of Neck (Sound)

The Throat Chakra governs the voice, endocrine gland, thyroid, and communication.  It relates to truth, nobility, serenity, spiritualism, thoughtfulness and kindness.  It is associated with faith, caring, peace and fidelity.

Green Bottle Water – Heart Center  (Air Element)

The Heart chakra governs the heart and thymus.  It reflects growth, healing, selfless love,  tranquility, harmony and hope.  It represents balance, serenity and calms nerves.  It is used during times of stress.

Yellow Bottle Water – Solar Plexus (Fire Element – Colour of Intelligence & Concentration)

The Spleen Chakra  governs the liver, spleen, stomach and small intestine.  It represents patience, tolerance, contentment, happiness, wisdom and mental energy.  It is associated with new horizons, intellect and  fulfillment.

Orange Bottle Water – Belly Area (Water Element – Colour of Creativity)

The Sacral Chakra governs the uterus, large bowel, prostate, ovaries, and testes. It is an energizing color and associated with self-respect and represents purity, togetherness and feminine sensuality.  It represents a warming effect and uplifts the spirits of those who are depressed.

Red Bottle Water – Root (Earth Element – Colour of Courage) 

Base Chakra governs one’s roots and personal survival.    It is associated with circulation and blood pressure, motivation, energy, vitality, energy, power and creativity.  It reflects will power, life and courage.  It is an emotional and energizing colour and removes toxins.

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