Making Cottage Cheese @ Home

by Renee Lindstrom, GCFP–Living in Natures Love Lifestyles

Enjoying home-made cottage cheese curds, fermented salsa and pickled cucumber from home-made apple cider vinegar

Getting the knack of creating yogurt from a carton of milk it was time to explore making cottage cheese.  Discovered it is as easy to make as yogurt and as enjoyable to eat knowing exactly how it was made with no added expense on the pocket-book.  It can be flavoured with spices from the cupboard and herbs and edibles from the garden.  The most rewarding it that food has become fun and most importantly, rewarding!  Gone is the inconvenience of eating.

The simple recipe I follow is:


  • 1 gal of Milk
  • Small amount of cream, milk, sour cream or kefir to moisten
  • 3/4 cups Home made Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Flavouring:  Herbs, spices, garden edibles


  • Pot
  • Thermometer
  • Cheesecloth , cotton or strainer
  • Bowl

Bring milk to 180 Degrees Fahrenheit and slowly add apple cider vinegar.  Milk will curd immediately.  Let sit for 10 minutes before straining curds to separate from whey.  Put into bowl to cool and then add spices, herbs and use dry curds or moisten with cream, sour cream, kefir or milk.   Use whey in smoothies, other recipes or use to water your houseplants!

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