Influencing healthy brain function with Crystal Singing Bowl

by Renee Lindstrom, GCFP–Living in Natures Love Lifestyles

Getting familiar with these Crystal Singing Bowls has been from the experience of playing them. A few benefits I notice is a reduction in brain fatigue and fogginess even with 15 to 20 minutes sessions. These crystal bowls are tuned to 432 hz that I soft and calming. I have learned 432 hz is the tone of the universe and that it’s related to sacred geometry. Apparently it shares the same roots as musical theory, science and architecture.

Originally I began researching sounds and their effects on my plants. This led to more questions on how sound can influence ones brain and physical function bringing me to this point of playing crystal singing bowls. I discovered that the resonance of sound creates a vibration through one’s senses that is filtered through to the brain that then signals physical and emotional reactions. This reaction includes any common sound heard in the environment or sound purposely played for entertainment, healing or meditation. Whatever the sound, it has an illusive influence over one’s physical and emotional bodies that can stimulate mental states and often it is without one’s awareness or conscious choice. (Remember back to a time hearing a song that invoked tears or a strong desires to dance.)

A new sound increases conscious awareness of sounds connection and impact on mind, body and emotions

When I began playing bilateral beats for my plants I noticed an immediate somatic response to this new and novel sound and I realized then how little attention I was giving the common sounds in my environment. I was no longer identifying the feelings or sensations from these familiar and common sounds. My awareness of them was dulled in comparison to these new sounds. Now listening to the crystal bowl sounds I am reawakening this connection to sound and its influence over physical and emotional function that I wasn’t giving any thought to. Sound can bypass the thinking process and tap into somatic resonance eliminating conscious choice over reactions. A great example is hearing sirens. Remember hearing a siren and how your body may have gone into spontaneous panic of flight or freeze. This sound is designed to stimulate danger reactions of freeze (police) or to run (fire). Sirens are designed for immediate and quick reaction with no thought. It seems sound can create a physical reaction without mindful awareness and focus on it as the root source of action. We take our reactive nature for granted and act out our reaction without trying to break it down for understanding.

Power of Sound & the Brain responses

I am both in awe and fear specuatulating upon this vast power sound and how it influences our physical, mental and emotional function without our awareness or focus of attention. My reference is to reactions that are stimulated without connection to the possible root source creating the response. This means being stimulated into actions without having a choice. Remember back to being influenced by sound in your own life. One example might be how music can bring spontaneous tears or joy and happiness. Next time preparing to watch a program make a mental note to pay attention to the music before the program starts. It’s purpose is to set the tone for the experience about to come. One of my current favorites is the musical lead up to a UK program called, “Unforgotten.”

Since this discovery I have become intentionally focused upon sounds and their influences. This is not only for increasing health and wellbeing, but for increasing clarity and recognition to the influences of sounds in the moment. I no longer want to ignore sounds and feed the habit of shutting this connection out that keeps me ignorant of my responses. When I feel something I want to be able to identify the root cause of the feeling even with the sounds and tones of spoken words.

The sound bath of these crystal singing bowls has increased my mental clarity and the ability to hear sounds. As I age I am welcoming this way of stimulating my brain.

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