Recycled Wicker Ball for Garden Feature

By Renee Lindstrom

This wicker ball is a creative way to feature these succulents in the garden.

An enjoyable project!  A new way of thinning growth in the garden by making creative features using recycled decorations!  Hens ‘n Chicks were once used to plant on thatched roofs to keep sparks from igniting.  They are perfect for weaving around this wicker! Follow  us on facebook or instagram for updated pics as they fill in during this spring.

It was once considered good luck to have two hanging balls of hens ‘n chicks at ones front door.  It was thought to bring good luck and to stop husbands from straying when they saw them everyday when entering the home.  Folk lore worthy of bringing back to life!

The ball shape  represents the element of metal in the 5 Element Theory.  The plants also have a rounded shape.  However they store water.  This is a perfect combination  as it reflects the support of metal and water.  The condensation on metal creates water.  Water in Feng Shui reflects wealth and abundance.  This feature is one that I would suggest that it be used to balance out areas that are out of balance  or placed in the wealth, healthy, creative or community areas.

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