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Amethyst                                                         Photo by Renee Lindstrom

Symbolizes the elements:  Fire, Water & Metal

Nurtures: calmness, honesty, clarity, balance, integrity, wisdom, healing and is often worn or placed in a location for protection.

Represents:  Wisdom and Higher Purpose

  • Associated with:  Crown and Heart Chakra, Saturn
  • Uses:  Open Chakras, Grounding and Balance, Connection to Higher Self, Meditation, Protection
  • Ways to use:  Placement, Gemstone Essence, Water Infusion, Carry on Personal Self, Astrological Stone Pouch

The amethyst crystal is a form of quartz that contains iron and other trace minerals.  It is a peaceful and calming influence emotionally, spiritually, and physically.  This is a crystal favored by healers for protection,  grounding energy and balancing it.  It is placed around the office or home for protection, peacefulness, balance and for keeping the air clean and positive.

Reflections in three of Feng Shui 9 life areas:

  • Financial – honesty, clarity for decision making and keeping a cool head
  • Fame –  trustworthy, intelligent choices
  • Relationship – positive, calm, honesty

9 Ways to integrate the benefits of the Amethyst Crystal 

  1. Placement on your desk
    • placing an amethyst on your desk between you and your phone or computer can increase protection of negativity 
  2. Placement in your home, room or garden
    • add an amethyst to an area that needs protection, an example is a placement in a window to absorb negativity from passerby’s and neighbors
  3. Infusing Amethyst Water
    • place next to glass container or bottle of water
  4. Meditation
    • hold amethyst crystal or place on meditation alter
  5. Sacred Geometry Crystal Placements
    • place amethyst crystals to activate intention on Seed of Life Template 
  6. Crushed Amethyst to add to indoor paint for home or office 
    • crushed amethyst crystals can be added to paint and mixed in prior to pouring and painting
  7. Amethyst Crystal Essence
    • created by infusing amethyst with the sun or lunar energies – read more
  8. Amethyst Crystal Foot Bath
    • Add amethyst together with your sea salt and a few drops of lavender together with warm water
  9. Add a Amethyst Crystal to a Carrying Pouch

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