‘Hosta leaves perfect time for eating now!’

by Renee Lindstrom, GCFP

2017-04-27 18.24.20

Hosta Leaves

Do you eat your Hosta Leaves?

Last year I waited too long and the leaves where too tough so I was more prepared this year  and kept a vigilant eye on their space in the landscape.  I did not want to be disappointed again.  They emerged yesterday large enough to pick a few leaves. At this stage they are tender and have a wonderful taste.  The taste is nicer than most leaf veggies! I use them in salads or to graze as a snack when travelling though my garden.  Grazing the plants brings me closer to the space itself and there is an absence of feeling a separation, like I have to do something to be a busy gardener. Somehow I become apart of the landscape!

Oh, a word of caution, don’t try grazing if you use chemicals on your garden! Make sure you wash them first! This is a good time to consider that you do not know the types and quantities of chemicals that are sprayed on your store bought produce.  At least in your own garden you have some control and knowledge and possibly take more care than with what you are consuming off the store shelves!!!!! For example, grain no longer goes through a drying cycle in the field.  It has been known to be sprayed with round-up!  Alive and blowing in the breeze one day and dead the very next.  Ready to put fear into perspective?

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