Planetary Stones on the Astrological Chart

Here is a simple guide of a Zodiac Planetary Stone for each one of the twelve houses of the Astrological Chart.   It includes the sign symbol, stone, cardinal direction and element.

Astrological Stone Chart

House #1

  • Planet:  Saturn
  • Planetary Stone for Aries:  Jasper

House #2

  • Planet: Uranus
  • Planetary Stone for Taurus: Adventurine

House #3

  • Planet: Neptune
  • Planetary Stone for Gemini:  Tiger’s Eye

House #4

  • Planet: Mars
  • Planetary Stone for Cancer:  Moonstone

House #5

  • Planet:  Venus
  • Planetary Stones for Leo:  Rock Crystal

House #6

  • Planet: Mercury
  • Planetary Stone for Virgo:  Citrine

House #7

  • Moon
  • Planetary Stone for Libra:  Sapphire

House #8

  • Sun
  • Planetary Stone for Scorpio:  Ruby

House #9

  • Planet: Mercury
  • Planetary Stone for Sagittarius:  Topaz

House #10

  • Planet: Venus
  • Planetary Stone for Capricorn:  Lapis Lazuli

House #11

  • Planet: Pluto
  • Planetary Stone for Aquarius: Turquoise

House #12

  • Planet:  Jupiter
  • Planetary Stone for Pisces:  Aquamarine

Connecting with the Planets

One can begin exploring the planets and their stones that represent each house in the astrological wheel with meditation.  This can be done in a simple meditation style holding the stone or one can create a deeper connection by drawing an astrological chart large enough to sit in each house while holding the planetary stone for that area.

More on the life areas represented by the Houses of the Astrological

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