Aging Neck

Renee Lindstrom, GCFP

Do you have a fascination with young people’s necks as yours ages?  I do!  It seems that I took mine for granted until it was lost!!!!!  What I notice myself doing is observing peoples necks to help determine their age.  One advantage of becoming familiar with my own, as it ages, is that it seems to give me more information to look for in what I am seeing in others.  Life!  I would rather have a smoother, tighter and less fleshy neck tissue over my voice box!


Blue Butterfly Flower & Agar Agar infusion

So when I noticed I had some Butterfly Pea and Agar Agar thickener left over from the mornings facial experiment I saved it for bedtime to apply to my neck.  I remembered to apply it and this morning rinsed it off.  I am so happy I did!  The colour and texture of this part of my neck has changed.  The  excess flesh of weight loss hasn’t disappeared however it has tighten up somewhat.

Would I recommend this?  Yes!  Not only for increasing a healthy glow, but improving the pleasure and fun of finding ways to find the joy in oneself.  With my kids aging out, and  nature becoming a bigger focus of attention, one experience I am learning from nature is the joy in living life being me, exactly as I am!  As the playful, adventurous qualities return, exploring nature is supporting deepened and intimate life changes!   Appreciation for nature is deepening appreciation for self!  Maybe I will stop covering up my neck!

Love your skin, apply living ingredients,  If you can eat it or drink it, it’s healthy for your body!  

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