Fall Landscaping: Nurturing Nature Naturally is giving & receiving

by Renee Lindstrom, GCFP–Living in Natures Love Lifestyles insideawareness.com

This year has been phenomenal for warmer sunny days that has let me squeeze in gathering fall leaves from the nearby park.   The local city crew came by late last week and gathered the leaves into a pile yet did not come to haul them away.  This allowed time to get out there and pack down a layer of those leaves onto the front bed to increase moisture in the seasons to come.  This is the front bed that I just wrote about in Fall Landscaping: Seed Planning for coming 2019 seasons.  After writing it and just before piling the leaves on I was able to cut back the Saint Johns Wort and transplant the lilac.  Still considering what plantings to add to balance out the virtue qualities of all the existing plantings!






My personal philosophy is that the leaves that fall from these near by trees are a part of the cycle of nature that would increase the humus of the soil directly beneath them if left alone and not hauled away.  These are working trees providing this community with benefits throughout the year from increased air quality to blocking the hot sun in summer.  They are doing their part and gathering up their leaves  and keeping them near to their source is actually a tribute to them.  I believe they contribute to my garden with the bounty they deliver literally to my door step and by recognizing it as a bounty and not an inconvenience I am contributing back and connecting via an unspoken language of respect and appreciation.    Saving the planet and our environment begins when recognizing those moments of going to source and creating an actual working understanding of the opportunities versus going to Canadian Tire and bringing it home in a plastic bag.  It’s like buying a plastic bottle of water that later we discover is actually city water from taps being sold for convenience.  True convenience would be going to the sink and filling up a recycled glass bottle or thermos.  It’s time to shift a cultural habit that we were unwitting taught without our knowledge.

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