Growing Reishi Mushrooms

by Renee Lindstrom, GCFP–Living in Natures Love Lifestyles

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Reishi Mushroom

Another name for Reishi mushrooms is Chicken of the Woods.  I love this name!  As mentioned in the post titled Living Foods from the Grocers:  Mushrooms, I mentioned that I had a kit for growing these mushrooms.  It dried out too soon before harvesting the mushrooms.  This began the research on how to grow them naturally, so began the research and the following two experiments:

  1.  On June 3rd, ’18,  I plugged the butt ends still attached to substrate into holes cut into tree trunk blocks.
  1.  On June 3rd, ’18, I buried the block of mycelium that was left from the growing kit in the garden.

When the landscapers began chipping the trees the neighbour had them cut down I asked for some wood chips.  I was left with a nice pile in the drive way.  I had no idea how handy this would be.  I had read on-line that a mushroom grower planted some of his grow kits in his garden under the broccoli patch.  When it came time to do something with my Reishi grow kit substrate I decided to plant it next to the butterbur where it would get shade from the sun.    I dug a large hole and lined it with wood chips, place the kit in and then filled it in with soil and covered with wood chips.  Now it is a waiting game to observe if this will grow or not!

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