Best Way to Spend Easter Ever!

by Renee Lindstrom, GCFP

by Renee Lindstrom

Tinctures, Oils, Herbs & Vinegar’s

In the picture above there are rosemary wine vinegar’s and tinctures in 100 percent vodka, dandelion and English daisy flowers in oil, wine vinegar  and vodka and dandelion roots in vodka.  There are also rosemary branches for hanging in one’s home and loose for tea!

As I hear others Easter Stories I am more than ever thankful for one that was spend focused upon foraging, drying and creating!  So much expectation is put upon these gatherings and I hear back that they are never met.  These are stories of anticipation to connect that in reality is met with disappointment and conflict.  Hearing this,  I am reminded of the appreciation I felt that was an outcome of exploring ways to create with weeds, flowers, herbs and plants growing in the area.  It was not trying to force appreciation just simply because it’s an anniversary of someone else’s achievements.

Appreciation, for me, is an outcome of a personal connection to something experienced.  Acknowledgment and devotion, for me, is reflecting upon an anniversary of some event outside myself that is meaningful enough to long for integration of those qualities.

I am almost shy to say it!  After a long day playing in the garden I felt a tremendous sense of well-being spontaneously arise.  It was a deep connection to the garden, the space I was in, myself and my girl cat that was beside me.  I could only describe this as being completely connected and in touch in the moment.  It was calming, healing and wonderful.

Oh and I can’t forget, part way through the day it was time to consider lunch. Keeping with the theme of  foraging and using the plants and flowers at hand a beautiful lunch was made.  It included tempura dandelion flowers that are simply delicious!  This was one of the nicest spring lunches!

by Renee Lindstrom

Easter Sunday Lunch

Yes you can eat Hens n’ chicks!  Similar to cucumber.

What did you do for Easter!  Was it enriching or draining?  Consider your choices. Are you doing this for you or for someone else.  If you are doing this for someone else how can they possibly live up to your expectations?

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