Colour Spectrum Diet: Rejuvenating Chakra Centers with Food

by Renee Lindstrom, GCFP – Living in Natures Love Lifestyles

Earlier posts shared how coloured water and flower essences could stimulate  ones Chakra Energy Centers.  The focus of this post is on  how diet can nourish and rejuvenate these Energy Centers.   Eating foods that align with each one  the 7 Chakras can be a mood enhancer increasing ones sense of self-esteem and empowerment.  They each  vibrate at a different frequency rate and each has their own focus of human function and awareness.  Nutrition increases their vibrancy.  

Foods that nourish the Chakras are as follows:

The Crown Chakra  – Purple, White, Gold Food Spectrum

  • Air – Fasting

Fasting and drinking water recharges this Chakra.  When it is balanced it enhances ones strength and power.  If ones is defeated this energy center may be under-active, over-active or blocked.  The focus of this Chakra is at the end of the day in the evening.  It benefits from a period of fasting even with only a lengthy break between evening meals and the breakfast the following morning.

The Brow Chakra – Deep Blue & Purple Food Spectrum

  • Brain – Boosting Foods

This Chakra benefits from eating food that are deeper blue and purple.  Eating lightly and including healthy fats and oils in ones diet supports recharging this Chakra and calming your energy to transform feelings of frustration and anger into peacefulness.  This Chakra is important to focus attention upon when one is unable to forgive.

The Throat Chakra Light Blue Food Spectrum

  • Breathing – slowing down while you eat

This Chakra helps one to speak honestly and listen with empathy.  It supports reducing anxiety and helps to tonify ones kidneys. Lighter blue pigment foods represent this Chakra.

The Heart Chakra Green Food Spectrum

  • Intention – how you are cooking your food

The green foods of the Heart Chakra contain live enzymes, oxygen and chlorophyll.  These foods are rejuvenating and help to increase low vital energy levels and reduce stress.  If one is experiencing adrenal fatigue this Chakra is one to pay attention to.

The Solar Plexus Chakra  – Yellow Food Spectrum

  • Digestion –  Digestive Aids

The yellow, white and gold foods of the Solar Plexus are mood enhancers for those experiencing depression, are sad or emotional.  This Chakra represents joy!

The Sacral Chakra – Orange Food Spectrum

  • Warm, Nurturing, & Sensual Foods – Creativity

This Chakra reflects creativity and reflects comfort foods to increase confidence and self-worth.  Low on confidence? Telling yourself you are unworthy of love? or doubting your choices?   Focus on Mom’s comfort foods like casseroles and soups or warming teas.

The Root Chakra  – Red Food Spectrum

  • Hot and Spicy

This is the first meal of the day and the most important for stimulating one’s elimination process, boosting one’s energy levels, and body temperature.  If you are run down, fatigued, burnt out, lazy or lethargic begin your day with fresh fruits, root veggies and some spicy heat.

Colour Spectrum Diet Plan Choices

Two ways for cleansing, rejuvenating and learning more about your Chakras are either through  following a daily colour eating plan or to follow a  longer regime that has a focus on one colour for a longer period.  In the second choice it would be in stages of staying with one chakra colour for an extended period.   Each of these plans start with the lower frequency colour of red and move up the spectrum to violet which has a higher frequency vibration.

  1.  Daily Chakra Colour Spectrum Eating Plan – Integration 

The daily plan for following a Chakra led diet would be to organize your food to correspond with colours at certain times of day starting with red, orange and yellow foods in the morning hours, yellow, green and blue at mid-day and blue, purple, white and gold foods in the evening.  In this plan yellow is the bridge between morning and mid-day foods, and blue is the bridge between mid-day and evening foods.

A daily food plan is a great introduction to a coloured diet regime and it can be an easier way for one to integrate into their lifestyle while enjoying immediate results of increased energy, enhanced moods and a bonus of loosing weight simply by eating for the body.

2.  A Deeper Chakra Colour Spectrum Cleansing Diet – Experience

One can begin with checking in with ones intuition to make a choice of staying with each colour of food for an extended equal period.  This could be 1 to 7 days.  This pattern of eating would be one way of connecting with the frequencies of ones chakras in a deeper way beginning with the lower frequency of red.  Each stage on the Chakra Cleaning Diet would focus on an individual colour as follows:

  • First stage – Red Foods
  • Second – Orange Foods
  • Third – Yellow Foods
  • Fourth –  Green Foods
  • Fifth – Light Blue Foods
  • Sixth – Deeper Blue and Purple Foods
  • Seventh – Violet Foods

Committing to an extended stage of eating with a system of each colour starting with the lower frequency can give one a greater experience of the Chakras and the colours characteristics.  It would be an integrative experience and is a diet for body, mind, emotion and spirit.

Some conventional food suggestions

by Renee Lindstrom

Chakra Food Chart by Renee Lindstrom


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